Faculty use of social media

This week’s assignment prompted us to find a representation of how faculty in higher education are using, reacting, or interacting with what many have considered to be “disruptive” technologies. In searching for an infographic or article related to this topic, I came across the one seen below, visualizing and describing how educators and faculty use social media, represented in a number of different categories.

I think the first bar graph in the top right section, regarding the comparison of personal and professional uses of social media according to faculty polled, was notable and pretty interesting. I was specifically surprised that blogs are used more for professional purposes, and that LinkedIn is used more for personal purposes. Those results were most surprising to me, because I’ve always thought of LinkedIn as a professional networking site, so it’s interesting to think about how it could even be used for “personal” over “professional” reasons. Also, I’m realizing slowly that blogs are becoming more and more popular to boost your professional appearance, but I had previously considered blogging largely as a platform for personal expression. As the network in the bottom half of this infographic shows, blogs are perceived as ways to connect, teach, and notify in the class.