Revision Plan, 4/15

Revision Plan


The strengths of the project were the web design aspect of it, the design/color of the chatroom, and the added interactivity at the bottom of the page. They both thought it was unique that it was set up on an actual live website, and liked the scrolling capabilities of the chatroom. They both also said that they liked the colors and design of the chatroom components. Finally, I added what appears to be a user box and a text field that could be used to insert messages into the chatroom. While this is not actually real, they still thought it was cool.


The components had some spacing issues, which I need to solve by normalizing the css of the browser page and tweaking my own CSS. Additionally, they had some trouble with scrolling and at first thought the chatroom was cut off at the bottom, so I need to figure out a way to make the scrollbar stand out more so users know that they need to scroll.

Rhetorical Choices

Rhetorical choices were pretty on point (according to my peers) but I will say that for users coming in that have no idea about Game of Thrones at all, its probably a little confusing. I added a link to the bottom of the page so that they can read about the actual event; however, maybe this link should go at the top before users read the chatroom, so they can get an idea about what they are about to read in the chatroom before they jump right in.

Multimodal Elements

I think my website, as in, contains enough multimodal elements. Perhaps I could add a video of the scene as an embed at the bottom of the site, but the scene is pretty gruesome and gory so I don’t think that is such a good idea…users can easily find the video on their own if they so desire.

Most Important Changes

I think the most important changes are editing the styling on the page, which includes spacing and fixing the scrollbars on the iframes.

Reasonably Revise?

Yes, I definitely can. Making some changes to CSS will be pretty simple. If I had an infinite amount of time, I would make this look exactly like a particular chatroom service than just one I made up. However, that would take a ton of time that I simply don’t have.

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