Progress Report, 4/10

What I Have Accomplished

I have the rough draft of my website chatroom finished. Last class, Professor Gardner (luckily) alerted to me the fact that my website was unresponsive (i.e. the images began to overlap as viewport sizes changed and it stopped resembling a chatroom webpage). I used elements on my graphics to allow them to scroll like a normal chatroom UI, but unfortunately, as I learned, iframes are really hard to make responsive with images placed inside of them. After some research, I decided to use media queries to make the iframes change width at certain viewport dimensions. It’s not perfect and needs tweaking, but for the moment, it addresses various browser window sizes. I also added myself as an “invisible” user to the chatroom and added a section to the bottom of the page that adds a picture of myself, a fake “send” button and a textarea HTML element that appears as a chat box. Finally, the bottom of the page has a link a page with the real events of the red wedding on Game of Thrones.

What I Still Need to Do

I still need to add some styling tweaks and probably refactor my code. Additionally, I want to add some more extra things since I have some time to perfect this…the only thing is, I’m not entirely sure yet what I want to add. I will probably think on it some this weekend and have some ideas when I come back next week.

Needs, Questions, Concerns

None, really. I feel extremely confident, and to be honest, I could turn my project in now and be content, though like I said, since I have the extra time I’d like to make this as perfect as possible. My only really concern is that if this website is accessed on Internet Explorer, because if thats the case, I think I have a lot of browser compatibility issues to deal with. IE pretty much sucks hard when dealing with a lot of cool features of HTML5 and CSS3, and I have a feeling that it probably botches my site up (though I don’t know a single soul who uses IE, so it shouldn’t be an issue.) I also haven’t accessed my website on any other browser than Google Chrome so I’m not 100% certain that all the code is handled the same on different browsers. Definitely something I need to look into.

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