Progress on Project 3, 3/18

What I Did Why I Did It
Chose Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” Scene for my story This short scene during season 2 of Game of Thrones rocked viewers everywhere; it was intense, violent and extremely surprising. I loved the scene and believe it would be very fun, interesting and appropriate to remix.
Decided to remix the story as a “chatroom” with users being the characters involved in the scene. Fake chatrooms have been done before, and I believe it would be a funny, unique and effective way to show how the scene plays out. I checked online, and there is a fake chatroom generator called “Fake Convos” which would be perfect to use. Instead of being killed, users could get “booted” from the chatroom. This remix would make a light-hearted stab at a rather violent scene. It would combine the use of visual, spatial, and linguistic modes. If there is a program out there that makes it appear as a chatroom is real-time, then it could also be aural and gestural, which would be really cool. Overall, it would be easy to understand and pay attention to, while also giving a pretty encompassing view of the whole scene.
Decided on sources I know it’s still early, but I decided what sources I would use for the project. I first witnessed the scene on the HBO TV show “Game of Thrones” which is where most my inspiration would come from. Of course, the scene was also written in the “Game of Thrones” book, which would be a second source. My third source at the moment is a blog post recap. I’m hesistant on this (I wanted to find a video reenactment) but I think a blog post will give a good outside perspective on the events. These three sources would give a varying view of the same scene.

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