Progress 4/3

What I Did Why I Did it
Got into the thick of my chatroom My chatroom isn’t complete yet, but I’m near the end; more specifically, I’m at the part where users start getting booted (killed). For this, I have the corresponding murderers booting the corresponding victims. Each user types in a different color for distinction, and when a user gets booted, their name appears in the color they were typing in for clarification.
Decided what else I wanted to add I’ve decided that just the chatroom itself won’t be enough. I also plan to now add a sidebar to the left with the avatar of each character, their username in the chatroom, and their real names according to the show and book. This will be reference to anyone who isn’t familiar with Game of Thrones, so when they read the chatroom, they will know who exactly is who. Also, I plan to add a bar the top that mimicks a browser navigation bar, and include a fake URL among other things. This way, when it all comes together, it will appear just like it would really appear on a modern browser.

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