Progress 4/17

What I Did Why I Did it
Played with normalized css So, many browsers set default styling, so I decided to play around with using a CSS file that would normalize all styles for all browsers. I implemented it but need to correct my own style.css file now to match how I want the webpage to appear. Once this is done, the webpage should theoretically appear the same in all browsers by overriding default styling.
Grabbed lost files Somehow all my project files disappeared from my computer…yeah, it sucked. Anyways, luckily for me, I had already FTP’d everything to the website so I was able to download them off my site. Unfortunately, I only have the .jpg files of the images and lost all my Photoshop PSD files I was working with to make the sidebar and the chatroom. I am going to have do some searching through my computer’s hard drive and figure out if there is someway I can retrieve these lost files. I’m really, really confused as to how they all got deleted, but oh well.

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