Progress, 4/1

What I Did Why I Did It
Made outline of project I made an outline to give myself a little bit of direction during this project. Since there’s a lot of things I need to keep track of, an outline would help orient what needs to be done for this project. I listed characters, tools I was using, and how I want the chatroom to look and flow once I finally complete it. My outline can be found here:
Finished making avatars I needed all my avatars ready before I could start constructing the actual chatroom. As I’ve said before, I took pictures off of Google and created circle avatars for each character I want to include in the scene. Today I created the avatars for Edmure Tully, Roslin Frey and Arya Stark. These three characters will play integral parts in how I want the chatroom to go.
Began constructing chatroom I plan to have the chatroom look like its an actual webpage. Today, I began working on the chatroom frame itself. I began with an introduction at the top saying “welcome to”, because Westeros is the fictional continent that the show takes place in. Then, I began pasting in avatars and associated text. I’ve got each user entering the chatroom down, so now I need to produce the actual plot of the scene in chatroom form.

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