Progress, 3/27

What I Did Why I Did It
Began collecting images I need images of the GoT characters in costume to create my avatars for the chatroom. After consulting Professor Gardner, I used Google images to find pictures. This was the easiest way to find pictures of the characters in costume, since a Creative Commons search wasn’t returning much. The pictures I found today were for: Robb Stark, Lord Bolton, Catelyn Stark, Talisa Stark, Lord Frey, Black Frey, and Lame Frey.
Began constructing avatars on Photoshop I need avatars for my fake chatroom. I made each avatar 100×100 pixels, with the avatar itself being a circle over a transparent background. The circle is a sleek look for an avatar, I think. I only created avatars for the pictures I collected today, but it won’t take long for me to finish the rest of the avatars.

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