Progress, 3/25

What I did Why I did it
Researched I found that can only allow conversations of two people. This obviously is a huge pitfall, since the red wedding scene has a myriad of different characters. I’m going to examine the site more and see if there is some sort of workaround- otherwise I will simply create the chatroom myself using elements in Photoshop. This process may take a bit more time but will give me the desired effect, plus more control over the final product.
Began collecting images After talking to Professor Gardner, I have decided that I will pull images off of Google and then crop them to create avatars for each chatroom member. The avatars will be headshots of the characters in costume from the show. I’ve only got a few images at the moment. Once I have the pictures and avatars all ready, it only be a matter of adding them to Photoshop.

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