4/8 Progress

What I Did Why I Did It
Finished Chatroom and Sidebar I was almost finished with my chatroom before class, and I had about an hour to kill after my last class because we had an exam. I finished my chatroom graphic before class and then finished the “Users” sidebar before and during the first part of class. Now that my two main graphics were done, I could decided what I wanted to do with them.
Began a website So originally, my plan was to just create one giant JPG graphic that had all my individual graphics on it and mimic what a website would look like. But then I got to thinking…why not just create an actual website instead of making a giant graphic of a fake one? Luckily for me, I’m currently in Developing Online Content and landed a web development internship this summer, so it took me no time to draft up my website. I created a subdomain of my website created in Dr. Warnick’s class, and coded together the HTML index page and my CSS styles. I will probably make some changes along the way as I see fit, but right now I kind of have a finished product. You can check it out at www.westerosnet.jaylaiche.com

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