3/20 Progress

What I Did Why I Did It
Found first source: Video Adaptation I first encountered the “Red Wedding” scene while watching Game of Thrones, which I will use as my first source. This video adaptation is a TV rendition of the scene, so it uses visual, aural, and gestural modes of communication.
Second source: Scene from “A Storm of Swords” by George R.R. Martin This is my source that is primarily using the linguistic mode of communication. Actually, this source is only linguistic communication. However, this is the original version of this story, so I think it will give me the most in-depth analysis of the scene. I may even choose to use some excerpts from what is said in the book directly in my fake chatroom.
Third source: Entertainment Weekly Recap I chose a recap by Entertainment Weekly because it gives an account of the scene from a viewer perspective. While the primarily linguistic source (the GoT book) gives the scene straight-up as it happens, this outside recap retells the story from an audience member perspective. This is helpful because it demonstrates the shock and horror of the scene by someone who has followed the entire series up until this point. This source will help me determine how to transform the scene into the fake chatroom based on moments that the audience was shocked by.
Began collecting assets For this project, I will need a) a tool to create the chatroom and b) assets to include in the chatroom. I have found a tool called “Fake Convos” which automatically creates a fake facebook conversation. This could definitely serve as the base for my remix. Additionally, I need thumbnails of “profile pictures” of each user in the chatroom. These pictures can be found by a simple Google search of the characters involved in the scene.

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