Social Media in Higher Education

Social Media is changing our society and higher education is adapting to these changes, but how does higher education use social media? Best Colleges Online has created an infographic that describes the Goals Behind Social Media Use:

       This infographic shows where universities are using social and the reasons for using it. The infographic helps to explain the benefits of social networking. Personally, I find it beneficial for me to see the goals mapped out especially since I am not a huge fan of social media. As a communication graduate student, I study and research social media, yet, it is not something I personally like to use. It is good to see how social networking works despite my personal biased views. I think as a researcher I understand goals and objectives. I am uncertain about how useful social networking can be for classes, but it has shown to be useful for universities. It helps to inform and organize institutions.

Social media engages students. It helps to keep them connected with students. Through using social media, universities foster relationships with students and reach new students. It is helpful to institutions. It allows for individuals to get a preview of the atmosphere of the institution and what individuals think about the university.

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