Improving Higher Education

Improving higher education what a challenge! There are so many challenges facing education at all levels. Something does not work within our system. Personally, I believe that it is only through the grace and support of the teachers that has continued to make education work. In some ways, I take comfort in knowing I do not have to make these decisions today. I do not believe or feel that I am experienced enough to make these decisions.

However, there is one challenged to higher education that is on almost every student’s mind: the cost. I have been lucky enough to not have to take out student loans, yet. Still, it is what most individuals are faced with having to make choices about when it comes to their education. Many of my friends are experiencing the question of how to pay off their student loans. Finding solutions to the biggest challenges of education might not be the only ways of improving it.

When it comes to improving higher education, I think we have to look at more than just the challenges facing higher education. I believe that there are ways of truly improving higher education that are not centered on issues, but the culture and perceptions of education. I think many people think that there is a lack of support and understanding when it comes to getting an education, but it requires a change to how individuals look at education. I think sometimes we push individuals towards higher education without showing them the value of what it means. If higher education is to improve and tackle the bigger challenges, then we have to learn to respect it and not just get through it.

Getting an education is a huge commitment. It isn’t easy, especially, when you have to make many personal and financial decisions that will impact your life for many years. Yet, people make judgments about education and it can make it difficult to break through the barriers that are place by these judgments. I remember when I decided to take a year off from school. Many people told me that I would never go back if I left school. It was difficult. I was burned out from my undergraduate degree and uncertain about my future in psychology. I was under a lot of doubt and pressure. I only took a year off, but if I received that many questions for my one-year, then what is it like for other individuals who have taken off more?

Improving higher education needs to begin with improving the attitudes surrounding it. I think if there was a greater appreciation towards education and higher education, then it would be easier to have support for the bigger challenges higher education is facing.


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  1. I can tell that being apart of the education for some time can make it difficult for you to return to it. I have experienced that after my undergraduate degree, I went to the army. This was a really different world with different duties. However, I can argue that the passion about education can overcome the negative part of leaving the education for some time.

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