GoFundMe Education

“Get money, get going.” It is the slogan of a website, GoFundMe. It is a crowdfunding website. Crowdfunding is a type of funding for project that relies on the public. It is uses those individuals to spread word through their social circles. Crowdfunding is mostly done on the Internet.

GoFundMe uses crowdfunding to help people raise money for different situations. It can be as big as raising money for relief recovery to smaller project like personal trips. And now, according the Boston Globe, it is funding a woman’s Harvard education. Yet, her project is just a part of the rising number of students using crowdfunding to get the money for college. The Boston Globe reports that the website spokeswoman, Kelsea Little stated: “the popularity of the site’s education category has skyrocketed since its launch in 2010 . . . jumping from 2,298 campaigns in 2011 to 194,869 in 2014.

Naturally, using crowdfunding to pay for education comes with a fair of amount of questions, but it only highlights the growing crisis tuition costs. Using websites such as GoFundMe are only a temporary solution for some students for an issue facing millions of students. It is an issue with no simple solution and no break on the horizon for many people.

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