Education 2016

Election season is coming. The presidential election is starting. While it seems like there are many parts of the actual campaigns are inconsequential to our lives, there is one aspect that defines a campaign and should the most important part to the American voter: the political platform. In order to be an informed voter, individuals need to know where the candidates are on the issues and education is certainly going to be discussed in 2016.

Politics and education are sometimes intertwined with each other. There are strong opinions in both. From budgets to regulations to student loans, our government impacts education. But what does this mean for education? In the upcoming year, the best and worse aspects of our political system will be on display, but will education and higher institutions suffer become of the politics? Does the question of who wins become more important than what is best for our schools and universities? Is it more about what the political battle determines than what the experts and educators have to say? Can politics hold our educational system hostage?

As individuals who are looking into becoming educators, we are going to have to learn about what politicians have to say about higher education. We need to know where they stand on education issues, because our votes will impact who has a said in what directly influence our schools. While there are plenty of questions surrounding politics and educations, individuals who are a part of higher education have a responsibility that extends beyond the university classroom and into the voting booths.

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