Being Faculty

What does it mean to be a faculty member? I am not how I would write my philosophy towards being a faculty member. I feel like I have a long way to go before I figure out what it would mean to be a teacher or faculty member. I know that with experience, I would be able to provide a more realistic philosophy and meaning, but as of today, my philosophy is simple. Being a faculty member is about being a guide.

When I think about the teachers who have taught and helped me the most, I think about the one who have guided me towards new thoughts and ideas, shown me where to look for answers, and challenged me to discover. They do not just give the answers, but they provide ways of discovering them. Being a faculty member is about helping students, maintaining the standards and ideals of the institution, but most of all guiding individuals on their path to knowledge. In order to become a faculty member, individuals have to show their knowledge and once they become a member, they have to maintain showing it. However, being a source of knowledge is not enough. Faculty must be able to share it and help others to discover more knowledge. Anyone can give their opinion or tell what they know, but a teacher is able break their knowledge down to send someone along their own path. They are able to explain. Yet, it is the students who are the ones that tactually perform the task.

I think about how my experiences in higher education have shaped my views of being a faculty member. Through looking at my past, I realize that the best faculty members I have encounter are the ones who believe that it is your responsibility for your education, but faculty members are the ones who are there to help.

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