Trick-or-Treat with Target…on Instagram!

Filters, hashtags, selfies, oh my! Everyone’s on Instagram. Even brands. But this year, Target is taking its Instagram involvement to a whole new level. This is SO creative.

According to this article by, Target’s campaign is called #HalloweenHills, and is supposed to be  virtual Trick-or-Treat for users.  Naturally, I had to check this out.



photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)

If you don’t already, go follow Target on Instagram. On its timeline are 10 pictures featuring a virtual neighborhood, with a street down the middle, to simulate Trick-or-Treating. Target uses Instagram’s tag feature to tag individual “treats” in each photo posted. Tap once on each photo to reveal either a “trick” or a “treat.” This is where the genius comes in.

Target has made individual accounts for each “trick” and “treat” tagged in its #HalloweenHills photos. Tricks are crafts, and treats are fun Halloween snacks to make for parties.

On this “street,” I chose “treat.” This led me to the _Treat_02 account, which shows users how to create a “charmingly disturbing jack-o’-lantern punch.” Each step is pictured in the most visually-pleasing way only Instagram can do. Ingenious.

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3)

Each step has a description by Target, and the company has even replied to user questions. Awesome.

photo 1

Let’s do it again. This time, I’m visiting the Egyptian Pyramids of #HalloweenHills across from the green-glowing house with a lake…trick. Mummy Pinatas!

photo 2photo 3

This campaign was developed by Carrot Creative, and I think it’s crazy cool. I love how social media is so versatile and lends so much to creativity. It’s similar to Ikea’s Instagram catalog, where they tag their furniture and each piece has an account, but this is really cute and seasonally appropriate. Way to really think outside the box and make an interactive and unique experience for users in Instagram!




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