“Simple, beautiful, and ad-free.”


Have you heard of this new social media site? Ello is supposed to be the “Facebook killer.” Its purpose seems to be creating a public space online for users to interact and share status updates, photos, and information with each other, but without the one thing nearly all social media sites have and everyone hates- ads.

Ello’s is proud of its “manifesto”- an anti-ad, anti-product mission statement of theirs. It wants users to break free of the holds today’s technology and consumerism in the form of tracking cookies and marketing trends and flashy advertising has over them.

Personally, I think it’s annoying when websites are plagued with advertisements, and even a bit skeptical (read: creeped out) by ads showing me products related to my Google searches. There are arguments out there that state advertising has gone too far, that it’s becoming too intrusive. Especially on sites like Facebook, where a great population of people and consumers are.

But will enough users make the transition from Facebook to this new site?

Ello is currently in Beta mode, and is “invite-only.” While not just anyone can create an account yet, certain public profiles are visible. They are, of course, pretty empty, as there is no interaction (yet, I guess.)

My first impression? It’s cold. It’s gray. It’s a “manifesto,” which seems to me a word much too strong for a new social media site. I did request an invitation to check it out, but I won’t be offended if it doesn’t arrive.


What do you think? Will you go Ello?

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