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Hey hey blog world! So I’ve been reading this cool new book called The New Rules of Marketing & PR, by David Meerman Scott. In his first couple chapters, he defines the “old rules” of public relations. Among them is one which I would like to argue is still quite important. Especially when it comes to the new world of fleeting messages on social media.

This old rule reads “creativity was deemed the most important component in advertising.”  Scott goes on to say that perhaps the new most important component is interaction. I would like to qualify with that and say that there wouldn’t necessarily be any interaction if there was a lack of creativity.

Creativity, in my opinion, is key. Especially in advertising. Any company or business can put out a tv commercial, radio ad, or tweet and simply send a “USE MY PRODUCT” message that probably won’t attract any customers. Or worse, will be so boring  that potential customers won’t even remember it. It’s got to be interesting to get people to be receptive to it. That’s where creativity comes in!

Creativity in advertising is spicing up the way you reach the consumer. This semester, I’ll be monitoring the social media accounts of Charmin, the toilet paper brand company. Charmin has a fairly boring-albeit necessary and useful- product. To keep things fun, they’ve gotten on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Instead of tweeting “Buy our toilet paper- we know you’ll need it!” the Charmin group got their creativity on and post cartoons and videos. In their most recent tweet, @Charmin posted a Vine video featuring the Naked Cowboyand their mascot bear dancing in a bathroom stall, with the caption “We always doo it for the Vine,” in celebration of #NationalToiletPaperDay. Check it out here! This particular clip has been retweeted 637 times, and has 904 favorites. It’s not necessarily telling us to buy their product, but it shows us that they can have fun and want to share it with their customers- all while making us think that we probably need more toilet paper and to remember the cute dancing bear and Naked Cowboy next time we’re in the grocery store.

Was that tweet a successful advertisement of the product? Sure. Was it creative? Definitely. Will I remember it? For sure.

But back to Scott and his “old rule” about creativity. Though he thinks it’s an oldie, I think it’s a goodie. Advertisers have to constantly be on their creative game in order to make a successful commercial, post, or tweet. If it weren’t for the “cha-cha-cha, Charmin!” jingle, I never would’ve given this toilet paper brand a second thought. Much less started following them on Twitter (interaction!) and finding out that they’re more than just TV commercials with cute bears and catchy songs. They’ve kept the creativity coming.

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