Ah, to write again! I know I’ve taken quite the blogging hiatus, so I thought I’d pick it up again. I’ve actually been transferring my writing energy to two new projects- one, a wine tasting blog for my Geography of Wine course at Virginia Tech, and two, my experience teaching Spanish at a local elementary school. While I have yet to publish my Spanish thoughts and materials (I hope to in the near future), I do have the wine blog up and running! Check it out hereWhile I have virtually no wine tasting (or wine writing, for that matter) experience, here’s my attempt at getting some. I go to weekly wine tastings for class, and am learning to open my palate and put my senses to good use. Who knew you could taste so much in wine? 



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Aspiring PR professional. Virginia Tech '14. Spanish. Communication. Professional Writing. Winchester, VA. ¡Pregúntame sobre mis experiencias en Ecuador!
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