With love, Finals

Ah, finals week. The last few lugubrious days of the semester, when the library is more crowded than downtown, and students everywhere vie for an open outlet. Social media posts run rampant with unoriginal “sleep is for the weak,” “only 3 more papers and 2 exams stand between me and my puppy!”

My favorite part of finals is the random acts of kindness that seem to pop up during the season. I don’t know if certain campus groups or kindhearted Hokies are responsible for this, but the little motivational sticky notes placed around campus seem to make everyone’s day.

My friend was studying late at the Empo and found a motivational “You rock! You’ll do great on finals!” note on her windshield. (Much better than a parking ticket.) I’ve seen notes stuck to mirrors in bathrooms, on columns in buildings near study areas, and other nooks and crannies around campus.

Last semester, I was going home from the library at 3am when I came across this clever note inside. I posted it on Facebook and of course someone had the nerve to bypass the lighthearted sentiment by pointing out its vocabulary error, but it’s finals, so everyone’s a little frazzled.  I thought it was great. (But everything is funnier after slaving over notes forever at 3am).



The notes read: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Now Hiring, Acquire Within

Little notes like these might seem insignificant, but they really do have the ability to better someone’s day. So while you’re busy stressing over your big test, or struggling to meet word count on that final paper, take a second and write yourself one, or two or three, and share the love.



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