Only slightly browned

Twelve days ago already (can you believe it?) I  gave my Ignite presentation on Mozilla Popcorn Maker. I have to say, it went pretty smoothly! I’m glad I practiced as much as I did, because it definitely would’ve been a burnt mess had I not. Here’s a little self-reflection on my 5 minutes of speech:

1. Ditch the podium. I felt I would give off a more approachable, perhaps convincing vibe if I didn’t coop myself behind the podium in the corner of the room. Instead, I rebelled and shaved off a split two seconds at the beginning of my presentation by sauntering to the other side of the big screen during my first slide.

Pros: More room to move around, less cramped space, better pointing ability.

Cons: Ok, so since I didn’t practice it dynamically, I may’ve spoken too much to the giant screen instead of my audience on occasion. Also, my hands may or may not have been shaking. Was that strategic or nervous pacing? One may never know.

2. Talkingatfiftymilesaminute. This is the inevitable plight of Ignite presentations. I’m a super speeder talker naturally (and I hate it because nothing ever comes out clearly and I sound stupid) so the Ignite format was both comfortable and scary for me.

Pros: I’m used to talking that fast. Plus, how else are you going to fit ALL that pertinent info into just five minutes?

Cons: Speedy, forced, sometimes unintelligible speech. Also, when I got really excited and talked even faster than normal, I advanced my slides prematurely and had awkward pauses here and there- like just before my video that didn’t play was supposed to start…

3. No video! I had an excellent clip of myself puenting, or bridge jumping embedded in my speech, but it refused to cooperate.

Pros: 15 seconds of free, only half-planned blabber. (Or is that a con?) I think I gave a hap-hazard description of what puenting is and why I was doing it, which fortunately brought me to my next slide just in the nick of time. Phew!

Cons: See pros.

4. When seconds feel like hours… When I practiced, I had my ending *perfently* timed. I’m talking voice-commanded ending slide. But, alas. #2 and probably a bit of #4 got in the way and played ever-so-slightly with my timing, and I ended my speech at a fearful 3 or 4 seconds too early.

Pros: “Finally, she’s done rambling…”

Cons: That anxious feeling as you use your closing line just a little too soon and walk back to your seat, praying, waiting, hoping that your final “The End’ screen actually pops up…

So it did, thankfully. And then it was all over! What a feeling of relief and accomplishment. I’d definitely recommend it. I had a lot of fun! I kind of wish we had to do an Ignite presentation when I took Public Speaking, but I’m glad I got the chance to do so here.

Phew! Now off to make some actual popcorn.




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