Pop! Goes the Presentation

It’s Ignite presentation day. Who’s nervous with me?

In case you’re unfamiliar with Ignite, it’s a rapid-fire presentation technique. Presenters have exactly 5 minutes to give a quick talk on any subject they want. They have a PowerPoint with 20 slides, each timed for 15 seconds. Once they start, they’re off.

My talk today deals with the trials and tribulations of making popcorn…digital popcorn in the form of online videos and interactive additives, that is. I wrote an analytical essay about the (side note- WordPress is insisting that I am misspelling “analytical.” What?) user interface of Mozilla Popcorn Maker, a web-based video re-mixer. This will be published via Google Sites later in the week, so stay tuned for that!

Back to the presentation. It’s in T-30mns…

I’ve already subjected classmates and roommates to my sarcastic ramblings about this platform, worried quiet library patrons with my vicious whispering to the computer, and have psyched myself out. What if I forget something important like what this thing actually does? If my video of me jumping off a bridge doesn’t play, then that’ll call for some interesting improv. What if my not-so-friendly but oh-so-familiar vices Like, So, and Um decide to crash the party? They’re like, so not invited.

But I digress. It’s all nervous jitters. I’m excited! And presenting near the end. The wait just might kill me. If you see me shaking, I blame it on the Caramel Chai tea- my poison of choice.

!!! Over and out.

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