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I’ve recently been acquainted with the social media scheduling platform HootSuite to manage the Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress for a local toy store. This cool site makes it easy to schedule posts for a variety of social media outlets. It’s easy to use, convenient, and takes the stress out of having to write that perfect tweet on the spot. Especially for local business owners who have the upcoming holiday season to worry about, tools like HootSuite can help make their digital lives much easier.

Today, I taught the store owner and manager, both middle-aged women, the what, why, and how of Twitter. It was neat to see them get so excited over 140 characters- a limitation they were previously scared of. It is exciting, really, when you find that you can have such influence online by simply tweeting at, replying to, or retweeting another user. As my two new friends said to me today, “the Toy Experts are now Twitter Experts!” I’m glad I could finally get them on board to this new platform.

The toy ladies from the store will be accessing their Twitter and HootSuite accounts from a laptop, iPhones, and an iPad. This means they will be working within the parameters of three user interfaces. From my experience, the Twitter mobile app is my favorite. It’s so easy to see the newest posts, write a tweet, and view notifications. I don’t often go on Twitter from my laptop, just because it’s more convenient from my phone. I experimented with the HootSuite mobile app today, and it was not hard to figure out. Granted, I did have some prior knowledge of how the site operates from its web-based format, but the idea and execution were basically the same.

My next project is an analytical essay about the user interface for the movie editing app PopcornMaker. I am currently investing how it operates from a user standpoint, what its limitations are, and how it’s used. Diving this deep into an app is something I’ve never done before, so I’m looking forward to it.



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