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Imaginations Toy Store

Now that the whole world is digitized, social media of all platforms is becoming more and more prominent. What was once used solely for social online relationships- friend connecting, story-sharing, photo-pasting and the like, has now made its way into business life.

Twitter, for example, has become a lucrative outlet for social media marketing and advertising. Everything from car dealerships to dairy companies use this platform to not only promote their products, but to connect with their customers. This connection is what is important, because company feedback to a consumer is key.

Losing a customer is the last thing a business wants, so creating and keeping them is priority. Companies big and small have begun interacting with their customer base through mentions on Twitter. It’s a way of letting the customers know that they are being listened to and that the company cares.

This fall semester, I am working with a peer team to manage the social media accounts for a local mom and pop toy store- Imaginations of Blacksburg. Imaginations has been around 16 years, and run until now on traditional word-of-mouth advertising. We’re gearing up to launch their new SMM platform this Tuesday! A new WordPress site has been created, Twitter page ready to go, Facebook tweaked, and promotions planned. We’re quite excited! Stay tuned for more updates along the way.

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