Why mindfulness matters

The popular saying goes “think before you speak.” Why? To be mindful. The concept of mindfulness is one that all authors, designers, speakers, marketers, and creators of things must keep in mind. How will what you’re about to do/say/make affect others in the future? What’s the purpose of doing/saying/making it?

Jody Shipka cites Latour in a passage describing a professor lecturing in a building, of which he found the original architectural plans. He acknowledges the architect’s mindfulness in designing the building, as she pictured it to hold an instructor such as himself teaching students in the future.

This is a neat excerpt because it puts the reader in the shoes of the professor who is musing over his role in that particular scene- all pre-envisioned by the architect 15 years before him. Because of her mindfulness about who was going to do what in that particular space (a professor, lecture), how he was going to present and where (at the podium in the center of the room), the architect was able to design the space for his specific purpose in mind.

In writing, the author must keep in mind his or her audience, and tailor the message toward the specific person or group. Otherwise, the meaning is lost, and there was really no purpose in writing it. Mindfulness is purposefulness, and having  purpose is key.

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