Studio Struggles

After perfecting my narrative, I spent 1.5 hours trying to get it to sound right through the microphone. The biggest problem (besides my listening to my own voice and hating every word of it) was that what I had written was better suited to be personally interpreted by the reader- as a print story in a collection, or even a blog post. Reading it was just unnatural.

What I should’ve done was had someone else narrate it to me, and listened to their interpretation. Because when I read it, it came out so stiff and rigid that I felt uncomfortable.

I ended up keeping the very last recording I did. It was much more natural- conversational- but I strayed from my meticulously-written script as a result. I’m happy with the relaxed tone, but the content just isn’t right now. To boot, the exported copy has somewhat of a background echo that I’m not happy at all about.

The last thing I want to do is go back in the studio and do yet another voice-over for this video. It’s such an effort, but  I want it to sound perfect. I wouldn’t want to listen to three minutes of my canned-sounding voice in front of class. It’s like when the new telemarketer calls and it’s the longest 20 seconds of your life before you hang up and it’s finally over.

I want this to sound like a story as I’m telling it. But it’s written like a story made to lie in ink. Where’s the happy medium?

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