I like it.

“So how’d I do? What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?”

“It looks good, I don’t see anything wrong. Good job, I like it!”

Sound familiar?

Peer review has unfortunately become associated with the above behavior. Actually though, it can be quite the useful tool. Our digital narratives for class today underwent this critique process. Some were good, others not so much. But the reviews from the peers were excellent.

I got some great feedback- questions, suggestions, and even some helpful advice on how I can make my pictures avoid the fate of black sidebars. I’m excited to go into the sound booth tomorrow (!!!) and play around with my narrative. One comment I received today was “Maybe try changing the tone of your voice more- think of how books are read to little kids to maintain their interest.” This is an excellent example of a constructive comment. Reacting to my work, and relating it back to my story in a helpful manner. It’s hard to not sound scripted. But if I can accomplish just that, it’ll be great. Thanks, classmate!

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