Walk, think, shoot, write.

Spontaneously, 25 minutes of sunny skies and Blacksburg breeze were granted to us on a Wednesday afternoon. The task? Grab a partner, go outside, take a hike, and photograph any and everything that influences or makes you think about writing. Here are my results.

Hokie Stone: Writing happens in buildings made of this unique material.

Infestation: Like, um, you know, all those words that shouldn’t be there.  It’s gross; get rid of them.

Shadow: The clouded image, self-doubt; is this piece even good at all?

Journey: There will be light at the end of the thinking tunnel.

Color: The red marks of the editor, not necessarily striking what’s bad, but pointing out what has the potential to be so much better, what can make the piece beautiful.

Reflection: In the final stages of writing- simply pondering the work , or being inspired anew.

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