Global 2013 begins

The global perspectives program (GPP) for 2013 has begun!   The GPP Switzerland blog is coming back to life filled with new voices, reflections and shared anticipations.  There will be more posts, tweets, and connections to come.  The VT participants are coming together and will soon be connected with UniBasel participants.

Fourteen individuals from Virginia Tech were selected from six colleges (Agriculture & Life Sciences, Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, Sciences, Veterinary Medicine).  The monthly meetings and interactions among us are well underway.  We’re getting to know each other and starting to develop a sense of the group. And of course, I’ve already fallen into my habit of counting heads (to make sure we’re all here).

Our itinerary filled with university visits and cultural experiences is nearly complete.  Plane tickets are being purchased; individual travel plans are created.  Hotel reservations are made.  Our meals at fine restaurants are booked – we will dine very well.  The train trips especially through the Swiss Alps are almost finalized.  Our global perspectives program is taking shape – a choreography in the making.  Keep watching and reading as the story continues and the journey unfolds.