Back to Basel

For the fourth time this year, I has the wonderful opportunity to visit UniBasel regarding the Global Perspectives program.  The “Input Seminar” as the beginning of the UniBasel GPP’12, the VTGPP ’12 visit to UniBasel, the Graduate Deans Global Perspectives visit in July and the November GPP ’12 Alumni event.   It feels so comfortable being in Switzerland and Basel.

The Alumni event focused on Careers paths in academia: How well do we select?  In attendance were GPP participants from all three years of the UniBasel program.  What a delight to see the alumni and to catch up with their lives – degrees finished, post doc positions, new jobs in academia and graduate studies in progress.  The visit enforced the desire to keep in touch with all Global Perspectives program participants – VT and UniBasel.  Stay tuned for the LinkedIn alumni site to be developed soon.

The Global Perspectives Program has a way of changing lives.  We meet  new people from different countries and cultures.  We explore topics facing global higher education.  We learn about our own higher education systems.  We share our thoughts in writing and through presentations and ongoing dialogue.  We learn more about ourselves and our ability to help make change in the world.  It was a privilege to watch the alumni offer their reflections on “access to and within higher education”, diversity and the purpose of the university.  Thanks for sharing and thanks for being a part of GPP!  It was a good trip “back to Basel”.

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