Zurich July ’12

The Global Perspectives Graduate Deans program ended on Friday in Lugano and I traveled back to Zurich for one day prior to my return to the U.S.

As I walked around Zurich today, I could hear the voices of GPP alumni, I could see your faces in the crowds, and I was reminded of moments of sipping cappucino, eating bratwurst, strolling along the lake, watching the swans, buying chocolate, putting luggage on the train, walking the stairs to ETH and University of Zurich, and much much more.  Although I did stop “counting people” when the program ended, your presence was still alive in Zurich.

There are many stories spanning the seven years of the Global Perspectives Program including multiple programs (Switzerland, Chile, GradDeans).  These programs cut across universities, countries, languages, and more.  And they hold very fond memories indeed.  It has been my great pleasure to share these personal and professional experiences with the global perspectives program (GPPers) as well as my graduate dean colleagues. Thank you for joining me on these adventures toward greater global understanding and helping to enrich global perspectives.  Read, share and contribute to the blogs.  Follow us on twitter @GPPVT and @kpdepauw (and more).  Find us on Facebook (VT Graduate School, UniBasel GPP, GPPVT).


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