Week one complete

A week ago today, we gathered in Zurich to begin our journey.  Since then, we have visited 7 universities varying in mission and size; one more to go.  We met with Presidents (Rectors) of three universities (University of Basel, University of Strasbourg, and University of Lugano).  We heard many presentations about the academic programs, toured labs and facilities, talked with students and administrators.  We traveled by train mostly, a few buses and walked for many kilometers on a daily basis.  We have enjoyed finely prepared meals paired with outstanding wines.  We have visited cultural sites and explored the local scenery and customs.

Last Wednesday, we arrived in Riva San Vitale – our home for the next week.  The VT Faculty Development program participants were already in residence in Riva.  Our itineraries overlapped and thus were able to share travels and conversations.

Today is a holiday in Switzerland and the Santa Croce Church will open tomorrow for the first time in 2+ years.  We will visit the opening and witness a celebration of cultural heritage.  Another rich experience among many of the trip.  Still more to come.



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