Intentional Creative Learning in Higher Ed

Better together

As the education landscape changes and adapts to teaching diverse students in an inclusive and equitable manner, such methods of PBL and CBL may be best leveraged to support the effort. The key lies in the successful implementation and execution of these methods by integrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) concerns in order to achieve effective and enriched learning.

Using these methods with intentional DEI integration will be most beneficial to students as these methods are geared towards student centered learning while DEI integration will further enhance and enrich students’ learning experiences by ensuring diversified groups working together to critique problems and develop strong solutions. My intention is to incorporate PBL or CBL methods to allow my students to challenge their critical, problem-solving, creative, reflective and teamworking skills while evaluating a real-life scenario.

I will try to ensure a diverse team effort, requiring various skills and strengths to work together to overcome challenges and to achieve the end-result. As discussed in class, I think for me as the teacher, it will be critical and also most beneficial to my students that I identify and address early on, the benefits accrued to them by engaging with this type of learning and how it ultimately impacts their work as future professionals or academic scholars.

Transparency in my intentions and expectations will hopefully promote my authenticity and ensure that my students feel inspired and motivated to gain much from these experiences. I plan to assess my students’ strengths and preferences before initiating these activities in order to gauge how I can best pair students in an inclusive manner so that they can effectively learn but also develop critical soft skills and be resilient in times of conflict if it arises. I will empower my students to take actions in the most respectful and professional manner that will best support their success. I will be intentional in  implementing and offering opportunities to use various instructional mediums to support their best learning and presentation.

One of the main barriers I foresee will be students’ willingness to engage in such an arrangement. However, I believe my role as the teacher can help to subdue any reservations by reassuring the benefits to the students gained by their involvement both individually and communally. I can also act as a mitigator if the need arises and allow flexibility to my students in redelegating roles and responsibilities or helping them to constructively handle conflict and overcome hurdles.

Lastly, instituting reflective pieces will be very important to ascertain areas and ways I can continuously improve and make the experience better for my students.