Impactful learning

Value to me is achieved by the constructive way that I perceive something or act as a result of a meaningful encounter. When my knowledge is enhanced, and I am challenged to think and respond in life changing ways and experience positive internal and external responses, then this is effective and impactful learning to me. I am still intrigued from taking the Diversity and Inclusion for a Global Society course through the Grad School. That class has impacted me in a profound way, and I have come to learn, value and appreciate diversity in its many forms and support the efforts for inclusivity and equity in any organization or institution.

The class content was very stimulating and engaging and the interactive and discussion-based style of teaching helped to draw out many important conversations. The class heavily incorporated project-based learning, and the way it was implemented was very effective. The class projects helped to reinforce and explore in more depth topics discussed in class and helped me in polishing my critical and creative thinking skills. Furthermore, the projects were instrumental in developing my team working skills, as one of the projects consisted of a team collaboration. I was able to collaborate with my colleague in an impactful and effective manner. We were both able to explore our topic and gain a thorough understanding and insightful points on the issue but also develop great ideas and strategies to share our knowledge and content learned to our professor and classmates in a simple, meaningful and beneficial way. Furthermore, the individual project was self-directive, and allowed me to explore an area of keen interest, in addition to allowing me to be creative and transparent in expressing my ideas on the issue and exploring the wider impact for DEI in relation to graduate students. As a result of the project-based learning, I gained a wealth of information from my classmates from their presentations on critical topics that imparted more wisdom and knowledge to me and encouraged me to be more reflective on the issues discussed.

I am very inspired to implement these methods in my classroom, as I firsthand saw and experienced the value-added benefit gained by this project-based learning. My learning was enhanced, and outcomes from that method left me with lasting impressions that have improved my growth and development as an individual and as a student. I feel it necessary to simulate a similar experience in order to achieve close to the same desired outcomes for my students and help them gain richer and deeper experiences of learning and engagement.


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  1. Hi Kimmy
    Thank you for this post. Diversity and inclusion were interesting topics in project-based learning because they are 100% depending on the projects with different people and experience (Diversity). In my opinion, this helps the student to have deep learning in the future and sharing their knowledge with classmates.


  2. I agree with you. Project-based learning can spark interests otherwise hidden. However, I believe they are most useful in certain cultures than in others. For instance, in my undergrad days, I took on average 8 classes every semester. The prodigal incorporation of class projects would have been very stressful for students at the time. Thus, while I’m 100% for project-based learning, I believe it ought to be used cautiously in a way that fit into the culture of the time.

  3. Projects can be considered as the most effective ways to teach people inclusion. When I am part of a team that has people with different beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures, we learn how to respect one another and value their opinions. This also makes us learn more about other places in the world.
    Thank you for this post, it made me think about taking this course next semester to learn more about inclusion and diversity as it is a must to have healthy environments to teach and learn each other.

  4. Thank you for your great post. I do agree with you regarding the experiences and learning outcomes from the “Diversity for Global Society” class. Presenting examples as well as having discussions with my peers exposed me to different viewpoints. It also enhanced my communication skills and critical thinking. I do believe that such teaching environments are extremely influential.

  5. Thanks for this post, the Diversity for Global Society course sounds really interesting, and this is helpful in illustrating the potential uses and benefits of CBL. It seems like a course like this would be extremely well suited for collaborative, self directed learning such as this and I too am very inspired/curious to use CBL in class

  6. I am a true believer in project-based learning above the standard lecture-driven practice that seems to be so prevalent today, so it is reaffirming to hear someone else who had such a positive experience with it! If there is no true connection to the real world, then what’s the purpose of what we’re learning? If the connection must be elucidated through further work on the students’ parts, then that serves to add more stress than the standard class format anyway. I would rather do the extra work up front and know exactly where I stand and how the knowledge gained will be utilized in actual practice, rather than sit and do my best to absorb a lecture only to learn later that it has very little bearing on my professional existence. Thank you for your insight into this matter! I certainly will seek to incorporate this instructional method in my future classes, as well.

  7. I found it interesting that as graduate students who are thinking about the possibility of teaching, we benefit from good classes in two ways. First, we gain some knowledge or skill. Second, we learn some tools about teaching. Maybe the second one is even more important because as teachers we influence many people.

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