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Comment to myself and to the group

I reacted to Ted Nelson in very similar ways expressed by Shelli Fowler and
Jill. I am amazed at how the (yes Shelli) zine-like essay not only envisions so many future developments and dreams, but how much it profoundly evokes that time period and the pedagogical ideas that gained currency in that period. From Paolo Friere,Ted Nelson, Augusto Boal, and now in critical and feminist pedagogies as well as my own theatre work, I live in these concepts. I think education should be pleasurable and free and free of boredom and consequential in people’s lives. I think education should open the imagination, should change oppression, should, yes, augment our intelligence. I am astounded to read these ideas in relation to computers and the digital world.

More of this later. NOTES TO SELF:
Think about Nelson’s excited language.
Talk about co-creating syllabi with students so it is an emerging, living document of the process of a class rather than the intended outcomes of the TEACHER.
Remember that Jerry Farber article? First class, University of Utah, 1968 — I am wearing a Nehru style mini-skirt, my very long hair is in leather-wrapped braids, and I am barefoot. The students are very conservative and tell me to get off the desk before the teacher comes in. I say “I am the teacher.” analyze

get off the desk

smooth your skirt

Pass out the article, “Student As N****,” by Jerry Farber.( Los Angeles Free Press,1967)

Searching for  RELEVANCE and CHANGE


ask if they

see the connection

ask them to write their thoughts

In one of the essays, a student explained about the mark of Cain and people with black skin, the latter being “God’s burned cookies.”
I have more to say about this






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