How digital games are changing learning?

Most people like to learn through digital games especially children which means using the games as learning tools. Digital games guide learners to learn subject matter in context, as part of an interactive method (Aurora University, 2019). Those games should be designed well through instructional strategies or learning theories to educate people in the good way and make the learning environment more effective. Games should make the learners more engaged and interested and that could motivate them to learn. Learners are in the position to provide feedback for the designer, the developer or the instructor related to the games if they are useful or not. Thus, the instructor should let the learners evaluate the games because that is the best window to make the education through the games more successful.

Using digital games help learners to learn from failures and successes they face through the learning process. In addition, when the instructor finds a good game and want to implement that in the classroom for the students, the instructor should go through the game and play it to see if that could be helpful for learning before providing it to the students. Also, we should consider some issues in advance to plan for using games in education like which subjects can works through digital games, the age of learners, and the timing of the learning process because all of these aspects play important roles in education.




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