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The open access journal is from Indiana University that is situated in Indiana, United States. The journal is published by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. The multidisciplinary, online peer-reviewed journal is devoted to publishing descriptions of environments, artifacts, and experiences created to support and promote learning within all contexts by specialists in any field. Significantly, the online journal is a platform for scholars to share their knowledge-in-practice in the form of detailed considerations on decision making and representations of their respective designs. The primary aim of the journal is to show dedicated support in the making of high-quality precedent materials and to promote their accessibility while highlighting the value of doing so. Notably, the audiences for the journal include teachers, designers, students and scholars who study the practice of design.

The International Journal of Designs for Learning addresses open access by ensuring that it publishes descriptions of environments, artifacts, and experiences that promotes learning by making the descriptions available to the interested audiences. The move by the faculty ensures that the publications will be vital components of research to scholars, teachers, and students as it enhances the provision of knowledge without the need for payment. The adoption of this policy by Indiana State University substantially reduces the existing barriers to research by making the publications available online to be downloaded for use. Significantly, this facilitates the accessibility of the literature on the public internet thus becomes more read and cited compared to the literature that only appears in licensed journal databases and closed access. The OA movement is a social association in academics that is dedicated to information sharing which is free of charge to the user. Similarly, the journal is devoted to sharing their knowledge-in-practice regarding their respective designs and decision-making considerations thus promoting their accessibility. This policy upholds the principle of the open access movement.

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