Faculty Satisfaction to Teach Online

When one is discussing the online education system, it is crucial to learn about the satisfaction of the teachers in this system as well. They go through many difficulties in the form of language barriers, adjustments to their work hours, and being able to make themselves available to answer all of the queries of the students. It is sometimes hard to see how a teacher might be satisfied in this setting. But as the studies show, teachers do find satisfaction in this hectic form of teaching. Those studies have found that they get their satisfaction from the eagerness of their students. Students that they find online are often excited to communicate their thoughts because the opportunity to do so is a much more novel experience for them than it might be for students in an area where traditional schools are commonplace, and in turn, helping the students with their needs give the teachers the satisfaction they seek (Academic Partnerships, 2013).

Another reason that teachers provide is that as they are able to reach students who might not have been able to take the courses if it wasn’t for the online course systems, the teachers find it satisfying to help them with their studies. These faculty members are also satisfied when they are recognized for their efforts which are much more prominent in online courses than in the traditional classrooms. As discussed before, many teachers are gratified when they help students who need them. Teacher satisfaction can decrease when they feel that the lack of interaction with the students has become a hindrance in their teaching, as some concepts can’t be thoroughly explained online. Practical application is usually done in a real world setting, and this becomes a cause of concern for teachers. Sometimes satisfaction decreases when teachers are not able to effectively use the technical instruments that are provided to them or if the infrastructure of the curriculum is not sufficient for their needs (Academic Partnerships, 2013).

The satisfaction of the teachers also depends on the importance that their institutions place on their online departments. Studies show that many teachers who received a high degree of support from their institutions regarding online courses were more satisfied with their work than those who were not supported enough. Just like in traditional classrooms, there are things that increase the satisfaction of the teachers in the online institutions. These factors include adequate compensation, a reward system for tenure, and other promotions. These things help teachers find more satisfaction in their work than they do otherwise. Institutions that have fewer restrictive policies regarding teaching also increase the satisfaction of their teachers. Teachers can reach a high level of satisfaction if these factors are taken into consideration (Bolliger and Wsilik, 2009).

As a grad students and a future faculty members, what is your thoughts?!



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Educational Ethics “To Proceed or Not to Proceed Without Raw Data?”

Ethics are standards which determine whether an action is right or wrong. Ethics usually allows an individual to make right choices and positively influences behavior. In absence of ethics, it is difficult to regulate life and do what is deemed right. Subsequently, ethics in education are important because they help in running the system smoothly. The movie sets the standards of what’s acceptable and what’s not hence protecting the interests of both the educators and the learners.

The movie “To Proceed or Not to Proceed without Raw Data?” Was created by ORI Division of Education and Integrity (DEI) to address some of the integrity issues that were faced by people involved in the research endeavor. The movie is about a story of Dr. Jeff Thompson and his research lab.   Ashley, a graduate student and Amit and a postdoctoral fellow narrates the challenges faced by people who work in a competitive research environment. They concentrate on the topics which mostly affect researchers in their careers, i.e. mentoring, authorship and publication practices, data integrity, and other research misconduct. They use these scenarios to encourage the viewers to consider ways of making responsible choices. Also, they showed in the movie that how students use incorrect data and copy them to be used in another project. That is not good especially in the educational environment and does not meet the academic ethics.

Over the years, ethics in education has been keenly observed and many institutions have designed courses which help students in understanding these ethics. The movie helps in categorizing different values, and how to apply them daily life. The ethics in education have been applied on both the students and instructors. Dr. Jeff Thompson has brought forward important issues regarding education ethics, making the movie an important learning g tool. The movie has helped in regulating education system and encourages positive contributes towards human welfare.

I really liked this book that is about Ethics of Research in Education, I will post its citation for your references:

Busher, H., & James, N. (2002). Ethics of research in education. Research methods in educational leadership and management, 73-89.