Mission Statements for a Saudi University and an American University

Al Baha University (BU)

Mission: “The mission of Al Baha University is to provide distinguished and comprehensive higher education, research, community service and lifelong learning environment through the utilization of the available resources to ensure the best results.”

It is the only university in Al Baha city, Saudi Arabia, and was established in 2006. Many of Saudi universities named on King Abdulaziz and his sons, the king who unified Saudi Arabia. However, this university has the same name of the city. That is in south of Saudi Arabia.

In BU mission, they try to provide a distinct and comprehensive education with a high quality. That is very interesting vision. According to my experience in that university, their mission matches with their education. However the university just has been established in 2006, do you think that they can get the target of their mission in those few years? Please let me know in your comments.


Ohio University (OU)

Mission: “Ohio University holds as its central purpose the intellectual and personal development of its students. Distinguished by its rich history, diverse campus, international community, and beautiful Appalachian setting, Ohio University is known as well for its outstanding faculty of accomplished teachers whose research and creative activity advance knowledge across many disciplines.”

Ohio University is an old public university in Athens, Ohio, United States. It was chartered in 1787 and approved in 1804. They seek to the intellectual and personal development of its students, also to be graduated with obtaining many of good characteristics with great education. I have friends of mine who study at OU, and they told me that they have a very distinguished and great education. But I am wondering about the undergraduate students if they have opportunities conduct research in American universities or not, and the conducting reaearch is only in graduate levels!


As a result, as you can see there is the same interest of mission for the Saudi and American Universities. So, I belief that many universities around the world has the same goal and vision for developing and educating in higher education. DO YOU AGREE?