What’s Next?

Replying to Dr. Matheis’s ‘soft’ prompts for this week …

Spring … almost

Cultural Pluralism

I Googled this term to see how it is perceiveĀ in today’s society. One source I thought was interesting made the distinction between the term melting pot and cultural pluralism.

I think this the notion of Cultural Pluralism is at the heart of many current social issues. But, how is it being addressed and how does it fit in the context of the specific issues we are currently discussing: skin color, gender, sexuality, ethnicity …


  • who is the actor in a liberation movement: the oppressed or oppressor? Or, is it a combined effort: the oppressed takes on the responsibility for naming and defining the oppression and the oppressor

More broadly, one of the questions I’ve been asking myself throughout this course is how fear shapes perspectives, conversations, actions and outcomes. And, if we were able to overcome the connection with fear, could our current efforts be more productive and result-driven.

Another issue I’ve been deliberating is how movements and actions in the US would be different if our political system were more broadly representative and included more than two primary political parties. How does the US stack up to other nations whose political structures more closely represents the interests of its citizenry?

And, more specifically, I often wonder how feminist thinking and action can be a catalyst for change in our emerging cultural landscape. Does feminist thinking (broadly) represent an opportunity to transcend superficiality and create meaningful paths toward recovery/discovery and new ways of addressing social inequality?