Reactions to Discussion on 2/20

Reactions to Discussion on 2/20

The issue of homeless college students came up in our last class discussion. I dug around on-line for more information, but there is little to ‘know’ from traditional sources.

This is one of those ‘things’ that plagues me – homelessness – particularly children … and especially for college students. It makes me want to just stop everything else and focus on developing meaningful solutions to it. Homeless children and college students, in my opinion, should not be an issue. And yet it is.

I feel that anyone who has the capability of applying to, and getting into college – particularly a state institution – should not be deterred by lack of funds for basic needs (housing, food, medical care, clothing, books). And, it seems to me that this is one more glaring example of how the systems that are in place do not work for those that are most in need of them.

Disparity persists.


Inclusive Pedagogy

It is incumbent that educators be open to diversity of all kinds, and embrace it as a fundamental opportunity to learn. But we all know that is not the case in many circumstances. At the collegiate level, it seems to me that the systems that promote academic freedom also curtail it if the actor (instructors, professors) are not carefully vetted. But that implies that the vetters are themselves open to principles and values that recognition of diversity implies.

Nevertheless, there are scholars both past and present who address the issues of inclusivity and diversity in the classroom through pedagogy. This is a conversation that is both fairly new and worthy of having. But I often feel like I am missing critical pieces of thinking that will help me to examine my own assumptions and blind spots.

When I first became aware of Inclusive Pedagogy I dug in to see what I could find. Below are a few of the ‘best’ resources I’ve found to broaden my perspective. I’m sharing not so much to inform others, but to ask:  are there other places to look? Feel free to share links via comments, or direct me (and others) to sites/resources that you know of.


Humbold State Univ. Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Georgetown Univ. Teaching Commons – Inclusive Pedagogy

Univ. of Delaware – Teaching for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Tannenbaum’s Seven Principles for Inclusive Education