Do Not Go Gently Into Your Fields ...

Do Not Go Gently Into Your Fields …

I think I said this in class one night: adults often don’t know what they’re doing as well as you think they do. We make it up on the spot very often, and we deriver authority from events and experiences we have no business depending upon. I’m admitting my own complicity in the system to assure you that this is true, and that humility allows you the freedom to continue to learn from others, your environment and experiences in ways that assuredness that you are ‘right’ will never allow.

In Buddhist philosophy, being humble is a spiritual practice. But it is not about being subservient or weak.  It is about selflessness, of seeing the other first and being open to understanding the truth that lies outside of your ego. Humility also has an element of allowing others to be just who/what they are without judgement or disparagement. It is a difficult thing to do as you gain knowledge and understanding. It’s easy to think of that advancement as wisdom, but it isn’t – not yet at least.

When you have experiences that test what you know and understand, and you choose to be humble, patient, selfless, then wisdom will follow.

But there will be a whole lot of BS along the way, I’m afraid. There will be plenty of people you disagree with both moderately and fervently. You will likely encounter injustices on a regular basis and may even need to push back hard in order to preserve who you are and what you stand for. That is also part of life and living in a world with millions of other people. Don’t be concerned with asserting yourself when you need to.

But don’t forget to be a little humble, a little willing to bend and to be swayed at times. It will make your journey all the more fulfilling. I promise.