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Blog Post #3: Contemporary Pedagogy @VT – Two Perspectives

It is amazing how much insightful commentary exists within the Blogosphere here at Virginia Tech. I just happened upon Amy Nelson’s blog Sirius Reflections  today while surfing around the PfP MotherBlog. In fact, I probably couldn’t tell you how I found Amy’s blog (I think someone else linked to it). I found her most recent post, CONTEMPORARY PEDAGOGY AT VT: A CONVERSATION WITH SHELLI FOWLER mesmerizing. I, too, am a student of history firs and foremost. The  more I can find out about who/how/why, the more present information I am able to hold onto and synthesize.

So, to jump into the concept of Contemporary Pedagogy with a history of the program as told by one of the founders, Shelli Fowler, was like putting me in the midst of a dark chocolate processing center. I didn’t know how to just sit and read.

Robin DeRosa – Extreme Makeover: Pedagogy Edition 01/22/2017