And, thank you for visiting this page. Right now, this is a fairly rudimentary overview of who I am, what I value and where I’ve been.

I am  …

Currently  a ‘seasoned’ Graduate student in Virginia Tech‘s School of Education Integrative STEM Education program. I’m completing the MAEd. at the end of this summer (2017) and am applying to the Individualized Interdisciplinary PhD program to focus on developing models of teaching and learning for the 21st Century. Why is this a contribution to the field? Most current teaching and learning systems do not prepare educators to be effective facilitators of learning, retain their passion for teaching children or grow as professionals throughout their careers. I think I can change both the process and perceptions, and in turn support students learning to their full potential.

This is my husband, Rob, and I in West Virginia celebrating our 20th anniversary on the bank of the New River somewhere between Green Bank and Fairfax).

A Professional Educator, having devoted nearly 25 years to teaching young children (those under the age of 15) in a variety of settings: informal, community-based, public schools, and focused content/outcomes environments.  I have also, with the expert care and assistance of my husband, successfully raised two children who are by most measures, successful learners and thinkers themselves. Being a parent is my greatest accomplishment in life (to date): it is no small feat for  children to reach adulthood with a sense of self and personal purpose that transcends all the potential pitfalls and disasters that lurk along life’s pathways. And, while I often thought my kids were raising themselves, they often remind me how much they learned from us and how our time together sustained them through their childhood.

A Connector, community-developer and Extrovert, which has propelled me along a trail of adventure and accomplishment in my work since graduating from college: beginning as a Legal Assistant for an international law firm, then as a small business advisor and Director, newspaper writer and editor, and naturalist.  I am most at peace/home outdoors, in bright sunshine using all of my senses to explore the world around me and share it with others. And, I believe that, next to being able to love, learning – that which happens in almost every moment of every day – is the true reward of being human.

I value …

  • Efficiency and effectiveness: measured both by level of satisfaction and conservation of resources.
  • Opportunities to explore and learn about the natural world we live in – as a functional member, not as an observer.
  • Honesty, conversation and discourse that lead to greater understanding, support of people and ideas that advance human existence, understanding and compassion.
  • The potential in every child to be a productive and positive member of society if they are given a sufficient opportunity to do so: family and community to care for and teach them; sufficient nourishment and shelter to thrive; Professional Educators to guide their learning; unbounded opportunities to explore the world around them and time to learn who they are.
  • Family and friendships that are energizing, open my mind to new thinking and possibilities, and free from political ideology*
  • The precision and depth of language as a means of communicating at every level. I am deeply committed to using all forms – speaking, listening, singing, reading, and writing – to convey my own expressions and to learn about other people.
  • Travel, meeting new people and being uncomfortable on a regular basis. When I am is when I learn the most, and when I go to sleep content.
  • Trees, wetlands, tidal pools, vernal pools, frogs, crayfish, beaver, coyotes, wolves, foxes, hawks, owls, yellow finches, butterflies, praying mantises, grasshoppers, ants, caddisflies,  … (I could keep going)
  • Your visiting this blog and reading to this point.  Thank you.

For that here’s another pic for you:

Where I’ve Been …

If you look at my professional path, it appears that I haven’t left Virginia for very long my entire life. But that doesn’t tell you very much.  I am a wanderer at heart, and I take every opportunity I can to go … wherever I can.  i make my way to the Atlantic Ocean any chance I get: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina are usual haunts. But my childhood was spent on the beaches of Rhode Island and in Cape Cod, MA. I learned to ski in Vermont and had the good fortune of knowing the right people to also partake the beauty and splendor of the Rocky Mountains during several winter seasons. I have family that lives all along the Eastern seaboard, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Central America and travel to see them as often as possible. My professional life has offered countless opportunities to visit most major cities in most states (only have 8 left to visit for the first time).  Rob and I visited Italy for an in-depth exploration of the Meridiana lines used in Catholic cathedrals over 10 years ago and are making plans to return to the old country. We’ve also traveled to Aruba/Curacao via cruise. Generous friends, who seem to appreciate my odd sense of humor and cooking, often invite us to share in their vacations and adventures as well. Weekend hiking, biking or cross-country skiing excursions are also an outlet for the Wanderer within.

Below are a few more links, in the off chance that you’re interested in knowing more.

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*I do not engage in discussions about party politics, debate over conservative/liberal ‘values’ or otherwise engage in conversations focused on labels that limit discussions about facts, logic ideas and well-grounded opinions.