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So, I have spent over an hour trying different codes for tables and I can not figure out how to make it work so I gave up on the table, I’m sorry! I currently taking a coding class right now and I even tried to create a table code in Oxygen Editor but that did not work so I hope this okay?

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014- day 1 – (revised response)

What I Did:
So after doing some more research on ways to transform the documentary Gas Lands on 3/20 of last week, I decided that remixing an intricate and educational film would be way too hard! I decided to take my idea back to the drafting stage and I started to research a new story. After challenging myself with such a hard task, I decided to look for the exact opposite… the easiest story I could find! In researching an easy story I thought about my childhood favorites Rainbow Fish, Junie B. Jones, but I knew I hit gold when I decided upon Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham!

Why I Did It
Part 1: So as I mentioned above I picked Green Eggs and Ham because I think it’s easy and simple! After experimenting with the idea of Gas Land I quickly realized just how many limitations I had created for myself by choosing such a complicated story. Overall I found myself sticking to my WordPress blog theme: simplicity is truly key! By choosing a children’s book, I hope to really experiment with this project in taking risks and getting creative as I develop my project.
Part 2: Green Eggs and Ham is predominantly a linguistic story, but the content also includes aspects of visual, gestural and spatial modes. I am not exactly positive how I am going to transform the form and design of this children’s book to a new story media but I am looking forward to working with you after class to evaluate some of my different options!


Thursday, March 20th, 2014 – day 2 

What I Did:
3 Credible versions of Green Eggs and Ham
Main Source (predominately linguistic) – Children’s Book, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
Second Source – Green Eggs and Ham animated, colorful, read along short TV movie. (2002)
Third Source – puppet show – there any many different puppet shows this is just one that I found and enjoyed

Why I Did It:
I choose these sources (although this list is not limited to what is actually available) to give myself a variety of options and interpretations of the original children’s book, Green Eggs and Ham. I think that each of these sources adds something unique that I will incorporate into my filmed remix. As I have been brainstorming over the last week or so, I am finally finding a more concrete direction now I just need to beginning the more detailed stages of planning. While credibility and ethos are difficult to consider in relation to a silly kids book that really contains no logic, I hope to reflect and incorporate these two key credibility questions when designing my remix story.
– How do you define credibility in relation to your project goals?
– Is the information believable?


Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 – day 3 

What I Did:
Today during class lecture I read, browsed, and explored many of the links listed on your website to help brainstorm and get the juices flowing as research a more concentrate concentration for my project! I especially enjoyed the NASA website that provided free governmental imagery of beautiful and unbelievable aspects of space and equipment. During class I also took some time to look into the fair use guidelines and messed around with the fair use evaluator, which is a pretty neat tool! I will probably have to use that tool at some point in my project, so it was good to check it out in advance!

Why I Did It:
By looking at these links and reading through the information provided, I am beginning to see a more clear purpose to this project and what you are looking for as far as remixing a story! Often times I get lost in teacher’s vision or directions and it takes me a bit to really form a project I’m interested in. I think that today’s class really allowed me to not only brain storm with you but other students around me, and I am 100% much more confident then when I first walked in!


Thursday, March 27th, 2014 – day 4

What I Did:
Today I spent the class researching other people’s interpretations of Green Eggs and Ham on youtube. There are endless videos full of creativity and inspiration and I hope to incorporate alittle bit of everything I possibly can! It is important to me not to jump into a single video idea or plot line too quickly because I know the moment I decide on a plan without testing it out, I am going to dislike it but feel trapped and lose all sense of my creativity. I hope to really keep an open mind to all ideas until I really get a light bulb or inspiration that will make me absolutely confident in the direction of my video. Right now I am looking into a balance between filming a video and a stop motion. I might try to incorporate both ideas into one because I think a video would be easier to portray the concept while a stop motion has just always been a dream of mine to create. I also spent some time on amazon looking into Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat, hats!

Why I Did It:
I was looking at Cat in the Hat, hats because I want to film my remix story of Green Eggs and Ham in a modern college setting on Virginia Tech’s campus, but at the same time I do not want to move to far away from the idea of what the story is really all about. I hope that by incorporating the Dr. Seuss hat with the college campus and book bags, my audience will see a balanced perspective of what I am trying to remix!


Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 – day 5image 1

What I Did:
Today during class I experimented with different storyboard websites including StoryboardThat and Shotbox. StoryboardThat was definitely a cool and interested site, I messed around with it for quite a while creating multiple slides before realized that that program was not going to work for the context of this project. Many of the necessary tools required a premium upgrade and I do not feel as though I have the time to mess with all the functions. So then continued to mess around with Shotbox but again I quickly realized that, that too would not work for the context of this project so I then decided to stick to what I know, Microsoft Word. I decided to lay out the plot and image 2script in a five column table. Two of the columns would be designated for the Green Eggs and Ham story and the other three columns would be designated for my remixed story. Attached to the right I have included a screen shot from the word document that lays out my script thus far.

Why I Did It:
I decided to stick with what I know and not use one of the fancy online storyboards because, I could literally spend hours figuring out the program and making it look fancy while completely overlooking that purpose of the storyboard. Fancy programs often distract me to the point where I could forget my true purpose which is creating the script and get caught up in position and design of each character. I recognize that I am not good with online programs and so I would rather utilize what I am good at. After I am finish creating my whole script I might make a similar type of storyboard on pen and paper with stick figures but I might just decide that later on if necessary.


Thursday, April 3st, 2014 – day 6

What I Did –
Today during class I finished my script which I think turned out really well! I am pretty confident that this is the final product but I know I can always revise or improve it as I go. I also watched some really interesting stop motions on youtube to get some ideas for how I might want to film my own. Each different stop motion introduces a whole new element of inspiration and I hope to incorporate all these ideas into my own.

Youtube videos I enjoyed:
T- Shirt Wars with live people
Paper love story – stick figures with movable bodies
Legos – no sound
Live people -very intense

Monday morning looks like rain – I have a lecture what a pain.
Do you want to walk to class?
No I don’t want to walk to class. – But I don’t think I’m gonna pass!
Do you want to ride your bike?
No I don’t want to ride my bike. – I wish you’d all go take a hike.
Do you want to drive your car?
No I don’t want to drive my car. – I find its really not that far.
Do you like to take the bus?
No I don’t want to take the bus or drive my car or ride a bike or walk to class .
I do not want to go to Tech – That’s what I said but what the heck.
I’m dressed to go, I think I’m ready – my best friend her name is Betty!
I see the sun, I smell the flowers – spring has sprung there are no showers.
I think I’ll walk I think I’ll ride it is so nice I can’t decide!
I saw him run, I see him skip – That guy named Sam is such a pip!

Why I Did It –
I have been watching a ridiculous amount of Youtube in order to make some decisions regarding if I want to use:

  • Real live people or stick figures/drawings
  • Use speech or show words on paper
  • Real song with lyrics or make a beat


Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 – day 7

What I Did –
So today I actually did not come to class and I spent the class hour outside capturing some photographs for my stop motion. Unfortunately my friend Cole who is helping me has a limited schedule and having class from 9 to 5 four days a week makes getting quality images during the daylight hours very difficult! Anyways once we got out to the field, we had a lot of fun messing around with different frames and objects and together we captured over 300 images. I did not realize how challenging this was going to be but we quickly learned how many clips this was really going to take to put together.

Why I Did It –
Unfortunately most of the images we took that afternoon are kind of worthless except a few but it was definitely a crucial day and experiment to help me reevaluate my rough cut. After experimenting with the images, I can see exactly how I need to tweak my script and which prompts will work and which won’t. I am glad I went out for the test run and I look for a more successful second day of filming soon!


Thursday, April 10th, 2014 – day 8 – Progress Report

  1. What you have accomplished.
    • So far I have created a script and defined the characters.
    • I have casted two characters for the script and found and made props for different lines within the script.
    • I had a trial day on Tuesday April 10th, where I took about 200 pictures – I will only be using about 30 of them. I have download windows movie maker and began to explore how to work the program and the different options and features that will be useful for my stop motion.
  1. What you still need to do.
    • Take a lot more pictures! Honestly finding time to meet with my group and get these pictures taken has been the hardest part. Making a stop motion is very difficult as a one man job so I am very dependent on my friends for help.
    • Find music – I need to find a song to play in the background. This will be difficult because I am not familiar with any types of evalator like music.
    • Design and create the stop motion by combining all the pictures on windows movie maker.
  2. Any needs, questions or concerns.
    • Overall I am very confident with the work I have completed so far, but this is a very time consuming project and it is just becoming clear how quickly I can fall behind. I do not want to fall behind and so I will do my best to meet with my group as much as possible this weekend and capture the best images possible. Overall the success of my project is dependent on the images I must gather first.


Thursday, April 15th, 2014 – day 9 – Revised Plan of Action

After reviewing my work in class I have come up with the following points to work on as I begin to revise my project.
What were the strengths of my draft that I should be sure to keep?
I really like my music choice – I think it is very fun and cut well, I got a lot of positive feedback regarding the follow and timing of the cuts!

What design choices were problematic, and how can I revise these?
Unfortunately while filming some of my clips throughout my stop motion, I kept switching back and forth between portrait and landscape. I didn’t realize it at the time but when I put all the images together it doesn’t have the same flow as if they were all the same orientation. Many students gave me feedback on this so I will plan to retake some of the portrait images as soon as possible so they are all in the landscape orientation and there is more continuity.

Given the time and technology constraints of this project, what can I reasonably revise before the next due date? What else would need revision that I don’t have time to complete but should complete, given enough time and resources?
Time and technology constraints have been the most difficult and frustrating part of completing my project honestly! It is very difficult for me to film my stop motion because I need the help of others at all times. If I could work on it alone anytime I wanted I would probably have it done by now but I am dependent on others and everyone has crazy and busy schedule so I am beginning to run behind. This weekend I have found a bunch of friends to help though so hopefully I can bang the finishing touches out in one day! In addition, I couldn’t find a tripod to work with my camera for a while so that was a resource that was hindering my progress but I finally found someone who has let me borrow theirs and I am very excited to use it this weekend as well!

What are the most important changes I need to consider as I revise?
In the beginning of the project every decision I made as far as filming and photography were new and so I had ultimately resources and what not, but now as my project is nearly complete I had to keep in mind precious decisions which is an added constraint. For example some pictures I have to redo when it was raining so I now have to either wait for it to rain again or consider another option in order to revise some images.


Thursday, April 17th, 2014 – day 10

This week has been a great week for my project! I can finally see it coming together and the more details I add the more excited I get about the final remix! With the help of a few good friends I was finally able to decide on a great piece of music for the film which I think matches the context and story perfectly. To check it out follow this YouTube link: I was really worried and I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect music because the stop motion is completely silent and I think the sound adds a lot of vibes to the story itself but I’m glad that part of the project is out of the way. I’m nearly done revising a few of the images that weren’t perfect and I think it will be complete after this weekend!


Tuesday, April 22th, 2014 – day 11 – I THINK I’M FINISHED- WOOHOOOO

What I Did & Why I Did It (combined)
So I think I’m pretty much FINISHED my project and I couldn’t be more excited!!! After taking just about 580 pictures, retaking images, and editing I think the final stop motion looks great! I am still working out a few bugs and getting feedback from friends but ultimately I don’t think there is much left to do.
Yesterday I went around my sorority house and asked a bunch of sisters to watch my video, which I found to be a huge help! After watching my stop motion over and over, I think I know the story line by heart, but I wanted to make sure that other viewers were able to follow along just as well. Some of the feedback I received were that images were blurry or that words moved across the screen too fast, but after fixing  and revising the video from their feedback I am feeling very confident.
In addition, last night I messed around with uploading old projects to YouTube, and that was pretty smooth as well so I am not worried about uploading it at all! I think that uploading it to the YouTube is my best option because then I can share it with the class during my presentation!


Thursday, March 24th, 2014 – day 12 

What I Did:  Wrote my reflection and I’m finished!

To check out the published video, follow this YouTube link-

Here is the link to my Google Drive PowerPoint presentation-

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