Information Page – Thoughts Behind the Design

This page serves to inform my audience of the tools, design decisions and content with my Word Press page.

Theme: Under the appearance tab I choose a very simple theme so I could add pictures and make the page my own. The theme is titled “Twenty Ten.” As my Word Press title states I like to keep it simple and I hope to make my site original through the use of pictures and smaller more subtle details.

Customize: I also added a tagline to the top header of my site which reads “My Experiences as a Developing Professional Writing Minor”. I also changed the background color from white to black. I think this adds a dramatic effect but I am also considering maybe using another color such as burgundy or lavender as I continue to develop my page.

Pages: I changed some settings the header so our 3 portfolio projects are under the drop down label, Class Portfolio. I think this eliminates a lot of clutter from my home page. I also made my Welcome page my static page, which I hope to update with some quotes and pictures.

Widgets: Currently I have 5 widgets displayed on my page which includes search, recent comments, tags, calendar, and archive. For right now I think that is all that is necessary but I plan to keep updating my site as it begins to serve a more specific purpose. I also hope to keep the calendar up to date with the process of our class as well as due dates.

Please feel free to contact me at or comment below with any questions or concerns!

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