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The Warsaw Pact: A Union No Longer

The collapse of the Soviet Union was a long and complex process due to economic, social, and political reasons. Therefore, when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved on February 25, 1991, the Soviet Union did not go out with a loud bang, but … Continue reading

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Olympic Games become Political

The 1980 Olympics is marked down in history, not necessarily for the sporting events and the athletes that participated, but for the political conundrum that sprang forth before the games even started. The 1980 Olympic Games went through difficulty due to … Continue reading

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Soviet Union Leaves America in the Dust…Or on the Earth

During the space race, the Soviet Union successfully sent a cosmonaut named Iurii Gagarin to space on April 12, 1961. This accomplishment marked a stamp in the history of the Soviet Union. Sending an individual to space proved that the Soviet … Continue reading

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Soviet Prisoners Released . . . Not All Necessarily Free

After Stalin’s death on March 1953, a process known as de-stalinization occurred throughout the Soviet Union. When Stalin died, reforms dismantled and altered institutions from Stalin’s reign such as the Gulag labour-camp system that held numerous Soviet prisoners that were … Continue reading

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The Dictated “Song of Soviet Schoolchildren”

The Bolsheviks made many changes to the face of the Soviet Union, especially the change to children’s education. Stalin and the Bolsheviks wanted to create a strong communist society and what better way than to start from the ground up? … Continue reading

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Heavenly Father, We Want Gold

As the Bolsheviks rose to power after prevailing in the Russian Civil War, The new ruling class was quick to seek a way to dispose of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Bolsheviks were quite obsessive in “their feverish attempt to … Continue reading

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The Army’s Revolution

In 1917, the Imperial Russian army played a significant role in the February and October revolutions. Despite the utter defeat and loss of the Russo-Japanese War, Tsar Nicholas II decided to enter World War I. Throughout the war, the Russian … Continue reading

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“What Is To Be Done?” In This Post?

Before the Revolution of 1905, Vladimir Lenin rose up as a leader of the revolution. When the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party was formed in 1898, Vladimir Lenin was part of the process from the get go. Lenin was active … Continue reading

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Drinking Tea-Russian Style

While the rest of Europe was working through the famous Industrial Revolution, Russia continued to work in more crude forms of agricultural techniques. After the failure of the Crimean War, Russia’s regime received a wake-up call and attempted to industrialize … Continue reading

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