Best Linux OS Distributions

Ubuntu being the popular one, Linus operating systems are even getting more popular. Next to Ubuntu is Debian. I have  never herd of this OS but i am will to try it and compare it with Ubuntu.I would have guessed Fedora would have taken the second place. I already have Fedora running on my desktop and its fantastic.i believe Ubuntu and Fedora are the top OS systems but here is the list in order.Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Red hat, Arch linux and suse.

ubuntu on android mini pc

So, i have been looking for a mini computer that will coast less than $100. I stumbled on an article where instead of running android ont the android mini pc, it is now possible to run Ubuntu. This opens a lot of doors for people in the developing counters. According to the media, the mimi pc runs reasonably well but it could also get a little slow sometimes.This is definitely  a great news.

Ubuntu 12.10

The new Ubuntu 12.10 has a lot of updates. Web applications can be lunched with a single click and it can be pined to the launcher, which makes it even simpler.With ubuntu 12.10 search results can also be previewed in the dash to see more options with out opening new windows.I think they have done a lot of improvements from the previous version and i think its time to update…anyone?