Protect Yourself from Tinder Cheating

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. All you need to do to use the app is to create an account and you can start swiping left or right on people based on their bio, photo, and interests. If you swipe left, you reject someone, and if you swipe right, you accept them.

If you choose to use Tinder, complete strangers will see your information, and you will meet new people you know nothing about. While there are benefits to using Tinder, there are also downsides due to the ease of access. How can you protect yourself from Tinder cheating?

Is being on Tinder cheating?

Tinder is a dating app and unless you’re in an open relationship, your partner or spouse shouldn’t be on Tinder. Even if the person isn’t actively meeting other people, interacting and flirting on Tinder is a form of infidelity.

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Find out whether a spouse is cheating in Tinder

Tinder can make infidelity much easier. An uncommitted or unhappy spouse can download the app and have instant access to a wide pool of potential people with whom to commit adultery. When you discover a spouse is active on Tinder, it can be devastating to a marriage and even result in divorce.

Today there are several apps you can use to help you find out whether your spouse has a Tinder profile. It will scan through Tinder and check using the information you enter.

 Look up a Tinder date

If you are a single woman using Tinder to find a man, the one you match up with may seem safe on the surface, but you can’t afford to take anyone at face value. You need to dig a little further to find out more.

Women often unsuspectingly go on dates and become involved with married men or get into relationships with swindlers who want to steal their money. Search the name of your date online and see what comes up. Are they who they claim to be?

Don’t ever give away any money to people you meet on Tinder

If you meet up with someone on Tinder, develop a relationship and start getting requests for monetary help, take it as a big red flag. Some of the excuses given for needing money are extremely plausible and before you know it, you’re in debt and the swindler is living the high life.

As seen on the Netflix documentary, The Tinder Swindler, many women, even strong ones, can be susceptible to a millionaire who sweeps them off their feet. Healthy long-term relationships require shared hardships, ongoing communication and compromises. If your relationship seems like a fairytale, it may be time to run before you get in over your head.

Block and report suspicious Tinder users

If a user you’ve matched with is suspicious in any way, you can report them anonymously and have them blocked. Tinder has various safety features, such as photo verification. Once photos are verified, users have a blue checkmark badge on their profile. A feature called “Does This Bother You?” allows you to report inappropriate messages.

Educate yourself to look for suspicious signs, like not wanting to meet in person and don’t ignore your intuition. Modern dating can often feel daunting, but being able to pick up signs that someone isn’t genuine can help you to avoid Tinder cheating.